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The WMC intelligent matching process was carefully crafted to be as efficient as possible.
Keep your time to a minimum without compromising the quality of the marketing service provider match.

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It was a pleasure working with North Marketing for our Canada Days event in Toronto this past summer! Thanks again for your help matching us!

Gina Snelson
Marketing Specialist, Vistaprint
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Step 1
Project Briefing

To kick things off you will submit a basic project brief using our online form. Once submitted, a WMC ambassador will review your project and then call you to confirm details in order to ensure that your brief is as complete and accurate as possible.

When completing your project brief you will be ask for 3 meeting dates/times. These will be the scheduled times that you will be introduced to the marketing providers that are matched with you.

Step 2
Provider Matching

Using the details and data from the project brief, your broker will perform a preliminary search of the WMC community. The search is made using our Intelligent Matching engine which considers factors such as;

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Industry Experience
  • Project Experience
  • Client Reviews
  • Communication Speed
  • Much more...

This initial search results in a short-list of marketing provider matches for your project. These providers are then notified that they have received a new match and are invited to confirm their interest in being introduced to you. At this stage providers only receive high level information about your business and project - nothing identifable.

Step 3

After a period of 48 hours all short-listed marketing providers will have responded. Of those that have confirmed interest, your broker will select the top 3 and inform them that they have been the selected match.

When selected, marketing providers are assigned one of the three meeting dates that you provided in your intial brief. They are also provided with the full details of your project brief and business profile. This helps them prepare for their meeting time with you.

Once all marketing providers are selected, you will receive a summary of the 3 chosen providers with their assigned meeting dates. You will also be provided a link to their complete profile, to help you better know the provider prior to your meeting with them.

Step 4
Provider Selection

We know that every organization is unique and has different processes and timelines for making a final marketing provider selection. We also understand that you may be considering providers beyond our recommendations. We respect that. After meeting with all of your matching providers, you are able to apply whatever selection process you wish.

Throughout your selection period, your broker will make themselves available to you to offer assistance as needed. In some situations we can provide additional information about providers, expert advice, or even provide further recommendations if the initially selected 3 providers were not a fit.

The brokerage process ends when you have awarded the project to a provider.

madison/miles media are doing a great job for us. We really appreciate your help in finding them.

Christine Boyce
Marketing Manager, Rainbow Muffler
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