Campfire Session 1

Ecommerce, eCommerce or E-commerce?
Tuesday February 12th, 2019 - @1PM EST
Online Webinar

It's about more than spelling.
Is it e-commerce, ecommerce or eCommerce? Regardless of proper spelling - there is no doubt; that eCommerce (we spell it that way) is growing and will eventually surpass brick and mortar retail.

Marketing innovation is the key.
But how do businesses make this tricky transition? Just because you build it, doesn't mean they will come. Marketing plays one of the most critical roles in the new eCommerce economy. Marketing professionals are the innovators that must re-invent the way in which customer's attention is captured and find new ways to provide amazing user experiences.

The Storytellers

During this session, three marketing agencies will share stories of their struggle and success as they innovate alongside their eCommerce clients.

Sullivan Geneau
Digital Ads & SEO Coordinator
Jelly Marketing

Terry Tateossian

Erica Stoltz
Digital Advertising Manager

We will also hear from Rebecca Sowa, a seasoned marketing and eCommerce professional. She will share her perspective on marketing and the key elements she looks for in building a great eCommerce marketing team.

Rebecca Sowa
Digital Store Lead for Microsoft Canada
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